How to Post a Video on Instagram

How to Post a Video on Instagram

Instagram is growing in quality by leaps and bounds. Long gone are the times once it absolutely was merely a photograph sharing app. With over one billion monthly active users and a hundred million posts uploaded daily, currently it’s one in all the foremost standard social media – and selling – platforms.

Video is an integral a part of Instagram. Though videos may not get as several likes as photos, they generate additional comments than pictures do.

Post an in-feed video on Instagram.

By “in-feed” video I mean an everyday video that one will see once scrolling through the news feed. Here’s however you’ll be able to transfer a video to Instagram in-feed.

Step 1. Open Instagram.

Open Instagram and click on the + sign in the center of rock bottom menu.

Step 2. Switch to “Videos”

This will open up your phone’s media library. to change to the folder with videos, faucet the menu. Here’s wherever you’ll be able to select a video you wish to post from your files.

Step 3. Select a video.

Here, select a video that you simply need to post on Instagram. If the video isn’t sq., you’ll be able to use the arrow icon to regulate it to the screen. This way, it won’t get cropped to the square format by Instagram.

Step 4. Apply filters.

When you post your video on Instagram, the platform offers you many video redaction choices. As an example, you’ll be able to apply filters, trim your video, and select a canopy.

You can additionally mix many video clips into one, just in case you wish to create an extended video. The video clips are going to be “glued” into one video, taking part in one once another mechanically.

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Step 5. Write a good caption.

On the last step, come back up with a good description for your Instagram video. To create your video additional ascertainable, make the most of the placement feature and hashtags within the description. This way, you provide additional individuals an opportunity to search out the video you denote on Instagram.

You can additionally shoot a video right from among Instagram and post it on to feed. so as to try to it, once you open the app, click the + sign and switch to “ Video ”. This way, you’ll be able to shoot the video “in real life” and share it together with your audience directly.


How to post a video to Instagram Stories.

The process of posting a video to Instagram Stories is comparable to it of in-feed, with a number of variations.

Step 1. Head over to Instagram.

Just like with in-feed videos, you wish to begin posting videos to Stories from among the Instagram app. Open the app and click on the camera icon within the higher left corner.

Step 2. Select a video.

If you’ve got a recorded video that you simply need to post on Instagram, swipe up and select it from your media library. For easier access, switch to the folder “Videos” to find your video.

If you don’t have a video prepared, you’ll be able to use the video-like choices that Instagram offers:

Step 3. Add stickers and GIFs.

I love Instagram Stories for the flexibility to feature participating stickers, GIFs, polls, and different interactive parts to videos. This makes the video most additional compelling. Don’t miss out on this chance to urge an additional boost for your videos!

You can additionally simply add some text to your video.

Step 4. Share together with your audience.

Once you’re proud of your video, you’ll be able to move and share it along with your audience. You’ve got 2 choices of however you’ll be able to do it: either share with everybody or with shut friends solely. If you’re a business account, it’d positively be to post a video on Instagram way and wide so everybody will see it.